Kids Protective Bucket Hat With Face Shield For Children 5-10 Years


  • Suitable for 5-10 years girls and boys.
  • The perfect accessories for your children.


Multiple Protection
This kids hat is anti-droplets, anti-saliva and anti-mosquito that can protect the eyes, mouth, facial, nose and ears in all aspects of protection.

Smart Design:
This sun hat with face shield is 100% Cotton with removable reusable shield.

Easy to Clean Shield
Our shield is easy to clean with any soap, it’s also reusable and durable which can help you save money.

Be Safe Everywhere
This anti-spitting splash hat can protect you inside and outside of public and crowded places. Protective hat can be used outdoors for travel, camping, walking, fishing, zoo, park, beach, hiking, using a bike. The best gift your family & friends.

By minimizing exposure to the virus through direct droplets / sneezing / saliva / snot / coughing in the air & preventing transmission of the virus through reflex rubbing of the hands / fingers into the eyes, nose & mouth.

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Kids Protective Bucket Hat with Face Shield

Anti-Splash Shield Guard for Eyes & Face
is Useful for Preventing Transmission of Viruses

Highly Effective with Clear Wide Visor, Adjustable,
Lightweight Shield for Children 5-10 Years 


  • 100% Cotton
  • Elegant and Effective Protection – Made with 100% cotton and TPU shield for personal protection.
  • Hook and Loop for easy attachment of the shield. Wear it with or without for personal preference.
  • Easy Cleaning and Friendly Shield – The shield is made with high grade TPU for clear visibility and easy to clean. Just clean with any soap and water.The hat is made with 100% cotton and it’s easy to wash and clean.
  • Standard size which fits most adults and some children. Great for the whole family to use and wear to outings
  • When children go out, they can effectively protect their safety from saliva.Comfortable, Light breathable. The transparent material is waterproof and dust-proof, sun protection ,not sweltering, and allows good air circulation.Clear transparent design,can be placed in a bag or pocket.
  • Fashion bucket hat with happy face pattern & bright color, easy to match any style of girls boys outfit and make your little one more attractive.And they are satisfied with wearing it for going out.
  • Anti Spitting Protective Fisherman hat is a perfect sun hat for hanging out in zoo,supermarket and park or school .When kids go out school on subway or school bus,this can protect them .
  • Protective Cap can effectively prevent liquid spray from everywhere.This anti-spitting splash hat can protect you no matter getting inside and outside of public places and crowded places.

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