Portable and Lightweight Telescopic Stool


Adjustable Height

High Quality

Durable & Sturdy

Portable & Lightweight

Easy to Use



This product features making the stool great for multipurpose uses :

Bathroom, kitchen, office, garden, travel, camping, fishing, outdoor and more.

Product Features

  • Light weight
  • Small size
  • Simple to use
  • No space after shrinking
  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient for home storage can also be placed on the trunk of the car
  • You can just pop it out and sit anywhere you want
  • A shoulder strap is added to the side of the stool to make it easier and convenient to carry out.


  • Diameter 25 cm
  • Storage Height 6 cm
  • Unfolding Height 47 cm.

It’s quickly and easily folds away for convenient storage.
Space Saving Foldable Stool.

  • Adjustable Height:
    The telescopic stool can be adjusted
    to the desired height ( high and low) according to the place,
    the purpose and even according to your mood.
  • High Quality:
    The folding stool is made of polyamide,
    a material which is known for its resistance and
    durability and can resist all kinds of
    weather conditions.It is also considered
    to be an environmentally friendly material.
  • Durable & Sturdy:
    The telescopic body of the stool is made from
    120 segments that form together a strong and
    flexible basis while the optimal balance between weight,
    dimensions and strength is maintained.
    Special design allows this sturdy folding stool
    effortlessly holding up to 287lbs.
  • Portable & Lightweight:
    The stool is really portable and lightweight.
    It only weighs 2.7lbs, you can take it anywhere without any burden.
    It is also designed with a adjustable strap so that you can take it out easily
    like taking a handbag. Such a portable and
    practical stool is the perfect  gift to
    family, friends, and relatives.
  • Easy to Use:
    This telescopic stool is easy to use.
    You can open it by holding both ends and
    pulling to open with slight turning them.
    Suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Nice Product

Additional information

Weight 1.184 kg

Purple, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, Blue