Portable Power Supply & Power Bank


OverCharge Proof
Protect the inner battery of the unit from overcharge

OverDischarge Proof
Protect the inner battery of the unit from overdischarge

OverPower Proof
Protect the unit from Over Power Consumption

OverCurrent Proof
Protect the unit from Over Current Consumption

Short-Circuit Proof
Provide automatic protection in case of shirt circuit



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Excellent Gear to Powerup Your Life
The portable power supply is made not only for emergencies backup power at home,
but is also very useful for camping, or wherever you need power when you are on the go.
With high power/energy, you can keep your electrical devices, appliances, lights and
more going for longer.

Compact Design With Tough Structure
The portable power supply’s plastic shell is designed to be tough,
environmental protection. The product structure adopts multi-point buckle,
allowing the product to have favorable dust-proof and
impact-resistant and extremely powerful ruggedness

Built-In High Quality Lithium Battery
The portable power supply adopts high quality lithium batteries,
featured with long lifespan, high safety, high-power density, high capacity,
high temperature resistance, slim size but more portable weight.

Excellence Smart and Safe
The portable power supply is built-in BMS which is controlled by samrt power control processor, features excellent safety, including overcharge proof, over discharge proof, over current proof, overpower proof and short circuit proof.

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